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Release Day: Perfect Match

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

Still feels pretty unreal, but yes, my story is published.

“Write about what you know!”

There are bits and pieces of me in Perfect Match.

When I first came to the US, I was insanely lonely. It was supposed to be my grand adventure, but in reality, I spent a lot of evenings curled up on my lumpy, second-hand sofa in front of the TV. Back then, I told myself it was just because my work day was busy and stressful, but in truth work was easy. Or at least, easier than finding new friends and putting myself “out there” over and over again.

So, I poured some of these experiences into Sven, one of the main characters in Perfect Match. Sven hesitates to take a job in a new city. He has many good reasons to just stay with his family in an isolated mountain camp, but deep down it’s his fear of being lonely that holds him back. Starting all over again somewhere new isn’t an easy decision. Then, Jayden Calver crashes into his life and brings new perspective to Sven’s struggle to make choices for his future.

But Jayden’s presence in Sven’s life brings a whole new set of challenges. And as he gets more and more attracted to the strange city kid that showed up at Sven's door step claiming to be his Perfect Match, he can’t ignore all the inconsistencies of Jayden’s behavior.

Loneliness will continue as one of the main themes for the Perfect Match series. Another thing I personally learned from my first months in the US. Loneliness can lead you to do a whole lot of really stupid things! Like for example: Go on blind dates that have disaster written all over them. Or one of my personal favorites: When you actually meet a nice guy, get so nervous that you come across as a complete basket case. I’m using some of these experiences in the second book of the series, Perfect Cover (loneliness + alcohol = stupid decisions).

If after reading this you have a “been-there-done-that” moment, then you’ll probably enjoy the Perfect Match series.

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